As a Company, we are passionate about photonics and concentrate exclusively on the provision of the very best in leading-edge high-tech photonics products. These are specially sourced from all over the world, to meet the most exacting needs of Britain and Ireland’s industrial, medical, defence and research organisations.


The Company is underpinned by senior personnel with experience and expertise in the manufacture, distribution and support of lasers, optics and fibres. Furthermore ELUXI has implemented the latest in sales, logistics, finance, administration and marketing infrastructure to support the operation.


Our consultative and partnership approach to business, where quality is not compromised, coupled with a philosophy of continuous improvement ensures we consistently deliver a premium quality service.


We are staffed by a team of technically competent and fully trained personnel, able to understand the requirements of complex photonics based projects. Furthermore with a detailed appreciation of its suppliers capabilities, the team are able to successfully advocate, guide and manage the photonics element of these projects. The overall result is that of an effective and efficient integrated operation delivering appropriate solutions to the customer.


Although we deliver a range of solutions to a broad range of markets, the premium nature of what we offer remains undiluted as only select suppliers, products and application niches are the focus of our operation. This focus serves to ensure the very best in customer support throughout the whole project cycle and beyond.