Laser Linewidth & Frequency Noise Measurement

Automated Laser  Linewidth & Frequency Noise Measurement System

OEwaves’ ultra-narrow Automated Laser Linewidth and Frequency Noise Measurement System utilises a homodyne methodology for automated measurement capable of testing ultra-low phase noise laser sources. The user friendly test system is capable of rapidly measuring <100 Hz of Lorentzian linewidth of a laser source without the complicated setup typically required to make such a narrow linewidth measurement.

This homodyne based system is unique in wide band measurement without requiring another low noise reference laser source. The complete system operates with ease, speed and precision, and a simple graphic user interface via a tablet, without requiring any additional test equipment. The unmatched ultra-low phase/frequency noise measurement system is scalable to various input wavelengths and capable of low relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement.

Ultra-High Performance  Automated Phase Noise Measurement System

The Ultra-High Performance Phase Noise Measurement System utilizes microwave photonics techniques for automated measurement, capable of testing ultra-low phase noise oscillators. The cross-correlation capable homodyne phase noise measurement system is fast and fully automated, and yields the spectral density of the phase noise of an oscillator at any operating frequency within specified bands.

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