We are proud of our business, one that we have all helped to create and like to remind ourselves what goes together to make us what we are. Fundamentally we believe that our business is no more than the people and the values that bind us all together.  


  • We are proud to stand behind the quality and professionalism of the products and work that we deliver.
  • As trusted advisors, everything we do is valued by our suppliers and customers.
  • We offer our global suppliers, the best indirect channel to market for their photonics products within the UK & Ireland.
  • We provide our customers with latest in leading edge photonics products and solutions along with equivalent support.
  • We seek to continuously improve, as well as  increase the value we add in our our dealings with each other, our suppliers and our customers.


  • We are open and transparent  in our dealings with each other, with our suppliers and with our customers.
  • We always act with integrity through honesty, fairness and accountability.
  • The professional, personal service we provide our suppliers and customers is one that they can trust.


  • As a team, we can ask for help and we help when asked.
  • We support our colleagues to develop their skills, so they can achieve their ambitions.
  • In the same way, we develop close working partnerships and relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We treat all others as the valued individuals and companies they are, that is we treat them as we should like to be treated ourselves.


  • Although growing and a substantial enterprise, we remain at heart a small entrepreneurial company.
  • No matter how large we become, we will not change our approach or philosophy.
  • We are are not afraid to do things differently, or take up on a good opportunity.
  • Ultimately of course we seek to deliver profitable growth for ourselves, our suppliers and our customers too.


  • We work with passion, act professionally and have fun whilst we are doing it.