Photonics in  Industry

Photonics is a pervasive technology finding new applications within the industrial sector all the time. Our cutting edge suppliers are providing new and disruptive technology solutions on an ongoing basis, so enabling our customers to quickly gain advantage and market share within their applications areas.

The potential for applications is infinite and as an example currently encompasses anything from fibre sensing to laser welding, as evidenced by the selection of applications opposite.

ELUXI's close working relationship with innovative suppliers and our insight of their product roadmaps enables us to develop new markets in partnership with our customers.

Air Quality Monitoring ... Alignment ... Barcode Reading ... Beam Alignment ... Beam Profiling ... Confocal Microscopy ... Emissions Monitoring ... Fibre Diagnostics ... Fibre Gyroscopes & Guidance ... Fibre Sensing ... Holography ... Illumination ... Laser Additive Manufacturing ... Laser Ablation ... Laser Cutting, Drilling & Welding ... Laser Ignition ... Laser Marking & Scribing ... Laser Pumping & Seeding ... Laser Trimming ... LIDAR & LADAR ... Lithography ... Machine Vision ... Metrology ... Micro Via Drilling ... Micro Machining ... Non-contact Inspection ... Optical Data Storage ... Optical Encoding ... Optical Amplification ... Position Sensing ... Particle Sizing ... PIV ... Pulsed Laser Deposition ... Quantum Cryptography ... Range Finding ... Rapid Prototyping ... Reprographics ... Thermal Imaging ... Trace Gas Detection

The ELUXI team are proud to have been involved in supplying photonics solutions to a broad range of markets within the UK and Ireland over many years and are very familiar with the specialist needs within the main market sectors below.  Even leading edge standard photonics products sometimes fall short of the ideal. The teams experience ensures that customers' key requirements can be quickly understood and assimilated in order that any modifications or new product introductions can be advocated and implemented in an efficient manner.

ELUXI's overall objective is the provision of cost effective, optimal photonics solutions meeting individual customer needs and where necessary providing continuing competitive advantage.


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