LN Solutions is all about providing you with the best possible Low Noise (hence LN) optical and optoelectronic solutions. Taking advantage of patented noise and vibration reduction innovations, we provide Industry with the lowest phase noise, narrowest linewidth and most vibration insensitive lasers that are available today.

Your Peace of mind is our mission. We want to earn your trust and confidence so that when you use LN Solutions, you know that you will be getting the best solution for the task in-hand. That can be whether used in the laboratory or even in the most demanding of environments, where most lasers can’t perform, so that you get your job done without compromises. This means better data, leading to more informed and better decision making.

Our goal is to provide you with the lowest noise optical and optoelectronic performance, demanded by high performance systems such as Seismic, Distributed Sensing and Lidar acquisition systems, as well as by Scientific, Spectroscopy and Metrological applications.

Originally designed with the harsh environments of Oil & Gas exploration in mind, LN Solutions is now used by major oil field service companies, as well as gaining wider acceptance in other markets.

Narrow Linewidth Laser Systems

Narrow Line Laser Systems


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