Beginning its operations in 1977, MPB has its routes in the Research Laboratories of RCA Canada. Led by Dr. Morrel Bachynski, the Company has since grown into one of the leading high performance photonics component and systems suppliers, having provided solutions into the Communications, Space, Fusion Technology, Electromagnetics, the Forest Industry, Robotics, and Laser fields. Along the way MPB has won numerous awards, including the Financial Post Canada Enterprise Award for Best Start-up Business Plan, three Canada Awards for Business Excellence, and the Canada Export Award.

MPB’s product line-up now includes Raman fibre lasers and amplifiers; visible polarized fibre lasers from 488 nm to 647 nm, CW ytterbium, CW erbium-ytterbium, and passively mode-locked lasers; high-power EFAs, erbium broadband sources, comb sources, fibre Bragg gratings amongst many others and boasts a global customer base including blue chip companies in the industrial, research, military and telecommunications sectors.


Optical Fibre Telecommunications The company’s strong background in optical fibre telecommunications was originally initiated by an opportunity to work for the international consortium consisting of AT&T, British Telecom, France Telecom and Teleglobe Canada when they deployed the second ever trans-Atlantic optical fibre system to carry commercial communications traffic between North America and Europe.  MPB has since developed a series of Optical Line Enhancing transmission equipment for repeaterless systems - to extend the range of fibre optic systems without regeneration. Long unrepeatered links require the "ultimate" in equipment performance, namely high launch power into the fibre, control of non-linearities in the fibre, ultra low noise preamplifiers, etc.

Mode Locked

Fibre Lasers

Single Frequency Raman Fibre Amplifiers

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Fibre Amplifiers

CW Fibre Lasers

CW Fibre Lasers


MPB continues to evolve its technology development in concert with these changing requirements for performance characteristics approaching the theoretical limits. MPB’s patented Super Raman technology, based on third-order pumping techniques, is recognized throughout the industry as a key enabling technology which appreciably augments the distance and channel counts of unrepeatered systems.

Technology developed through these systems for the telecommunications market has migrated over to MPBs Fibre Lasers and Fibre Amplifiers, both in demand from the aerospace and industrial markets where power efficiency, reliability and compact size are also fundamental requirements.


Fibre Lasers

Since MPB’s proprietary Super Raman amplification is based on high-power Raman fibre lasers, the technological base existed to readily move into fibre lasers in general. This, coupled with the strong worldwide interest in fibre lasers and their numerous applications, stimulated MPB to expand it range of products. The key developments were two-fold: fibre lasers operating in the visible region of the spectrum, targeting biomedical applications, and modelocked fibre lasers, targeting industrial needs. Fibre lasers in the visible band have been developed at wavelengths not achievable through other technology approaches. Thus, these lasers have opened the doors to novel and breakthrough applications in biomedicine and imaging. The modelocked fibre lasers operate in the picosecond regime and provide the basis for micromachining systems to process materials with unprecedented quality and precision.

The Fibre Lasers have quickly built a reputation for their dependability, unprecedented power, compact size, ease of use, and versatility. The all-fibre laser design inherently ensures a narrow linewidth, diffraction limited linearly polarized output with unprecedented wavelength stability.

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