Pacific Lasertec is a restart of a business originally founded in 1979 in San Marcos, CA by Melles Griot, whom, over the course of its history, became the worldwide leader in Helium Neon lasers with more than 60% of the worldwide market. This was based on the solid designs and vertically integrated manufacturing, which delivered, by far, the highest performance HeNe lasers in the world.

While solid-state technology encroached on HeNe technology in the mid-1990’s, a very solid and profitable business has remained for this technology, due to its extremely narrow spectral linewidth, long operating lifetime, outstanding beam quality and high-value price points.  Through 2017, Melles Griot maintained a global market  leadership position.


Why Pacific Lasertec?

Due to a strategic shift in direction, the parent of Melles Griot has moved away from some of its component-level lasers.  Led by a group of loyal customers, an effort was initiated to purchase the assets of Melles Griot, team-up with key employees, and re-launch the business.   This effort began in approximately June of 2018, leading to the formation of Pacific Lasertec.  

With resounding interest from the historical worldwide customer base, 100% of the manufacturing infrastructure, product designs and supply base, production launch began in the Spring of 2019. We look forward to continuing the tradition that began in 1979; quality, reliability and performance, at high-value price points.

HeNe Lasers

HeNe Lasers

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