Pantec Biosolutions AG was founded in late 2005 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, driven by a mission to replace injection needles.

On this journey they  developed novel laser devices for the medical industry for transdermal dermal drug delivery and cosmetics.

With the gained experience they have developed a technology platform that allows then, together with their customers, to use their knowledge for a multitude of applications in the field of medicine, science and industry.

They are an independent subsidiary of Pantec AG, a worldwide operating technology supplier for industrial applications and medical devices offering services, products and solutions.

An independent, vertically integrated company, Pantec Biosolutions AG  develops and sells lasers worldwide, and offers products & engineering services from optical components up to production of active medical devices.

In 2018 the Business Unit Medical Laser (MedLas) from Pantec Engineering was merged with the company.

Medical Laser is exclusive supplier of 2mikron, 3mikron an FAM laser module and has customers in the medical (dental, ophthalmology, minimal invasive surgery) and non-medical field.

All processes are certified according ISO 13485 to fulfil all the quality and regulatory requirements in the medical field.

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