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From modest beginnings ELUXI is now a major presence in the UK photonics market.  Despite the growth, the Company has managed to retain a family feel, that really makes ELUXI a special place to work. Our people are a all passionate about what they do and at the same time are are united in seeking to create something different and special.



Learning and Appraisal

The best learning doesn't always happen in the classroom - it happens every day, just by doing your job and trying new things out.

So in a business that's growing and evolving like ELUXI, the opportunities to develop yourself every day are second to none.

However, it is also important to get away from the usual day-to-day activities, and look at improving on the skills needed to be even better at what you do. That's why everyone has regular development chats with their manager to talk about what areas they need to work on to be even better at their job and what their plans for the long game are too.


We have tried to make being new experience at ELUXI the best possible, simply a case of starting as we mean to go on. We will provide you with as complete a overview on how the business works, included in this will be meetings with all the key people and areas, right across the Company.  So we can see at first hand how your role and contribution fits in with all the others.


Development of people at ELUXI is a critical ingredient of the business mix and is so treated with importance.

This is because we want the sort of people who wish to further their careers, be better people and play a significant part in growing a successful and successful business.

Why? Because, having talented, high performing people and teams, engaged on achieving at ELUXI  helps us to drive the business forward.


Very simply, our philosophy is that everyone should get something, but those who contribute the most should get the most.

To this end we have a comprehensive rewards scheme.


Learning & Appraisal