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Resonant Frequency Doubler for CW Single Frequency Lasers

Newly available range of proven, ultra-efficient optical frequency doublers based on resonant cavities.  

These research grade frequency doublers are designed specifically for use with single frequency lasers. They employ technologies that ensure outstanding conversion efficiencies without compromising the fundamental laser power level and overall performance.

In fact 70% conversion efficiencies up to 70% can be attained and wavelengths as short as 205nm, whilst maintaining  excellent output beam profile and spectral properties of the fundamental laser. Further fourth harmonic generation for the conversion of IR radiation into the violet, or ultraviolet, is achieved by a two cascaded doublers set up.

Turn-Key Configurations

amplification stage.

fibre amplifiers, for up to 10 W in the green to orange interval.



Resonant Frequency Doubler

for CW Single Frequency Lasers


  •   Conversion efficiency up to 70% (optical to optical)
  •   Compact Stand-Alone Assembly for Stability
  •   Simple Integration
  •   Wavelength Flexibility - Easily Exchanged Crystals
  •   Easy Mode Matching Set Up
  •   Wide Range of Options
  •   Stable Lock to Fundamental
  •   Options for Tripling, Quadrupling and Mixing
  •   Custom Solutions Available on Request


Resonant Frequency Doubler

for CW Single Frequency Lasers


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