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Together with its partners ELUXI is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in this area.  If you cannot find what you are looking for from the information below, please contact us directly.



Ultra-Narrow Linewidth  - 1.5 micron


  • Ultra-Narrow  Laser Linewidth < 300 Hz
  • Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise
  • C Band Wavelength Support
  • Wide Thermal Tuning Range
  • Low Frequency Modulation Capability
  • Low Vibration Sensitivity
  • Low Residual Amplitude Modulation
  • Wavelength Stability
  • Wide Operating Case Temperature
  • Compact Package
  • Integrated Driver/Controller
  • USB or RS232 Control Interface

Laser Module - 1.5 micron


Ultra Narrow Linewidth Lasers  1.5 micron Ultra Narrow Linewidth Lasers  2.0 micron

Ultra Narrow Linewidth Laser Source

1.5 micron

OEwaves developed an Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Source based on the self-injection locking of a semiconductor laser diode to our proprietary high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) optical micro-resonator to achieve robust super-narrow instantaneous spectral linewidth of less than 300 Hz.

With the availability of a super narrow linewidth (or long coherence length) laser source resistant to harsh environments at a low cost and in a small form factor, System Providers for coherent Doppler LIDAR, smart structures sensors, and spectroscopic sensors will greatly improve their system’s measurement range and precision while operating under stringent conditions.  This is true for trace gas detectors and monitors, interferometric fibre optic sensor systems, and similar applications as well.  Such a laser source allows longer interferometer path length difference and lower phase/frequency noise to enable sensitive detection of minute changes in distance, pressure or acceleration, even under severe environments and without sacrificing system size and cost.  

These systems service various industries such as conventional and green energy, infrastructure and smart structures, security and defense, and spectroscopy and metrology, etc.  In addition, with the capability to offer such performance and features in other wavelengths beyond near-infrared, academic researches, and bio-chemical and medical sensing applications will also benefit from this technology.

2.0 micron

The module offers ultra-narrow Lorentzian linewidth of less than 1kHz and low phase/frequency noise in a compact form factor.  

The 2 Micron Narrow Linewidth Laser Module houses a proprietary driver/controller and the OEwaves laser source which is based on a high quality factor (Q) Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) micro-resonator. The laser is scalable to a variety of wavelengths within 1900-2100nm  range.

The unique technology of the 2 Micron Narrow Linewidth Laser Module leverages the self-injection locking of a suitable commercially available laser diode via a resonant optical feedback from a high-Q WGM micro-resonator. Its monolithically integrated approach, along with micro-scale mass and volume, make the laser virtually insensitive to environmental vibrations.



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