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Balanced Detectors

OCT and sensor systems require high performance balanced photodetectors to boost system signal to noise ratio. The BPD-001 is specially designed for OEM applications in such fields, engineered for low cost and small size as well as high performance.

The device consists of an optical head and a post amplification board with an optional SMB RF output. The optical head has two input fibres aligned with a pair of balanced photodetectors, followed by an integrated ultra low noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA) placed immediately after the photodetectors to amplify received signals with low noise and enhanced CMRR.

The post-amplification board further conditions and amplifies the signal to a range of ±3.5V V maximum. With a bandwidth of up to 350 MHz and a total conversion gain of up to 400kV/A (at a bandwidth of 80 MHz), the BPD-001 is ideal for integration into OCT, fibre sensor and high performance optical measurement systems.


Balanced Detectors


Balanced Detectors

Balanced Detector


Photonics Solutions

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