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Tuneable Channelised ASE Source

SmartLight™ is a tunable ASE source with 50 GHz channel spacing on the ITU grid. With a FWHM bandwidth of 0.3 nm, this fully polarized light source can be used to emulate the effect of polarization mode dispersion (PMD) on the degree of polarization (DOP) and state of polarization (SOP) of a 40 Gb/s signal. Its built-in polarization rotator makes it especially suitable for use with General Photonics’ PMDPro™ polarization optimized PMD source to monitor or measure the PMD of an in-service WDM channel. It can also be used to evaluate the performance of PMD compensators with DOP feedback. Furthermore, it is an ideal light source for measuring spectrum-averaged values of parameters such as the insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL), and return loss (RL) of a fibre component on a 40 Gb/s signal for each WDM channel. The wavelength channel can be tuned either via the front panel key pad or via the communication ports on the rear panel. Standard communication interfaces include RS-232, USB, Ethernet, and GPIB. The output power level can also be conveniently controlled via an internal VOA. SmartLight™, a smart choice for your 40G system and component testing.

Tuneable Channelised ASE Source

Tuneable Channelised ASE Source


Tuneable Channelised ASE Source


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