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Many applications require wavelength-switchable sources. For example, in vision applications different types of objects may require different illumination wavelengths for optimised contrast. Mightex WheeLEDTM wavelength-switchable LED sources let users manually switch between a selection of LED sources with different wavelengths and/or white LED’s.

A wide range of wavelengths and white LED’s are available for users to choose from. The selected LEDs are installed in the light source chassis in the factory. Users can then switch among the installed LEDs by manually turning a hand wheel.

 A high-NA aspherical collimating optics is included for precision collimation and high light throughput. Clear aperture of the optics is 22mm in diameter. Other optional optics may be added for fibre/lightguide coupling and other functions.

The light source includes a 5-ft electrical cable with a connector on one end to be plugged into the light source, and two bare-wire terminals at the other end. The light sources can be driven by Mightex LED controllers or other LED controllers and current sources. Only a single driving channel is required because at any time only one wavelength is powered up. Over-current protection is built into the light source to prevent potential damage during switching.

 An optional focusing module can be mounted on the front of the LED collimator to focus light into a tight spot which is an image of the LED emitter.

An optional light guide adapter is also available to couple the LED light into a lightguide.

WheeLED Wavelength-Switchable LEDs


  • Switchable up to 9 LEDs
  • UV VIS NIR White
  • Collimated Beam
  • Optional Lightguide Adapter
  • Choice of LED emitters
  • Optional Microscope Adapters

WheeLED Wavelength-Switchable LEDs



Photonics Solutions

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