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ASE Sources

In an Erbium doped fibre ASE source, if the erbium ions in the Metastable level reaches in the ground level via spontaneous emission then the signals generated from that process is called as amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) signals. ASE covers a wide range of wavelength (1520-1570), We can use this as a broadband light source. Broadband optical sources have been used in different areas such as optical device characterization, gyroscopes and optical coherence tomography. This ASE is also present at the time of optical amplification but it is consider as a noise at that time.

Universal LED Drivers

1.0 micron ASE Broadband Sources


  • Compact ASE light source
  • OEM module
  • Standard RS232 communication interface
  • Spectrum flattening option available
  • Multiple packaging options

1.0 micron ASE Broadband Sources



Photonics Solutions

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