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Polarization Stabilized Wavelength-Swept Laser - Lambda-Sweep™

The WSL-1000 is a high-speed tunable laser for fibre sensor and OCT applications. The laser’s wavelength can be swept at a frequency of up to 16 kHz across a spectral range of up to 150 nm, with an output optical power of up to 20 mW. The device outputs two ?-trigger (TTL) signals to indicate the exact starting and ending wavelengths of each wavelength sweep. It also outputs an optical frequency clock (TTL) with a 50 GHz spacing as the laser is swept to give users instantaneous relative optical frequency marks. In combination with the ?-trigger, this allows the absolute frequency or wavelength of the laser to be known at each instant during each wavelength sweep. In addition, a power monitoring output is included to indicate the instantaneous laser output power at each wavelength. The WSL-1000 is also equipped with a built-in variable optical attenuator (VOA). Other laser health parameters, such as laser average power, driving current, and chip temperature, are also provided via digital interfaces. Finally, the laser incorporates automatic polarization optimisation to guarantee long term stability. The WSL-1000 is available with either a linearly polarized output (aligned to the slow axis of a PM fibre) or a depolarised output. This combination of features makes it a flexible tool for research in fibre sensing, optical coherence tomography (OCT), or similar applications.



Polarization Stabilized Wavelength-Swept Laser



Polarization Stabilized Wavelength-Swept Laser


Polarization Stab. Wavelength Swept Laser 


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