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OSI Optoelectronics offers two distinct families of UV enhanced silicon photodiodes. Inversion channel series and planar diffused series. Both families of devices are especially designed for low noise detection in the UV region of electromagnetic spectrum. Inversion layer structure UV enhanced photodiodes exhibit 100% internal quantum efficiency and are well suited for low intensity light measurements. They have high shunt resistance, low noise and high breakdown voltages. The response uniformity across the surface and quantum efficiency improves with 5 to 10 volts applied reverse bias. Photocurrent non-linearity sets in at lower photocurrents for inversion layer devices compared to the diffused ones. Below 700nm, their responsivities vary little with temperature.

Planar diffused structure (UV-D Series) UV enhanced photodiodes show significant advantages over inversion layer devices, such as lower capacitance and higher response time. These devices exhibit linearity of photocurrent up to higher response time. The devices exhibit linearity of photocurrent up to higher light input power compared to inversion layer devices. They have relatively lower responsivities and quantum efficiencies compared to inversion layer devices.

There are two types of planar diffused UV enhanced photodiodes available: UVD and UVE. Both series have almost similar electro-optical characteristics, except in the UVE series, where the near IR responses of the devices are suppressed. This is especially desirable if blocking the near IR region of the spectrum is necessary. UVD devices peak at 970 nm and UVE devices at 720 nm (see graph). Both series may be biased for lower capacitance, faster response and wider dynamic range. Or they may be operated in the photovoltaic (unbiased) mode for applications requiring low drift with temperature variations. The UVE devices have a higher shunt resistance than their counterparts of UVD devices, but have a higher capacitance. These detectors are ideal for coupling to an OP-AMP in the current mode configuration as shown above.


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Planar Diffused IR Supressed Photodiodes

Planar Diffused IR Suppressed Photodiodes


Planar Diffused IR Suppressed Photodiodes

Silicon Planar Diffused IR Sup. Photodiodes


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