Detector-Filter Combination Series Eye Response Detectors

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The Detector-Filter combination series incorporates a filter with a photodiode to achieve a tailored spectral response. OSI Optoelectronics offers a multitude of standard and custom combinations. Upon request, all detector-filter combinations can be provided with a NIST traceable calibration data specified in terms of Amps/Watt, Amps/lumen, Amps/flux or Amps/ Footcandle. Among many possible custom combinations, following are a few detector-filter combinations available as standard parts.

PIN-10AP-1 - is a 1 cm2 active area, BNC package detector-filter combination which duplicates the response of the most commonly available optical aid; the human eye. The eye senses both brightness and colour, with response varying as a function of the wavelength. This response curve is commonly known as the CIE curve. The Ap filters accurately match the CIE curve to within 8% of the area.

PIN-555AP-1 - has the same optical characteristics as the PIN10-AP-1, with an additional operational amplifier in the same package. The package and the opamp combination is identical to UDT-555D detector-amplifier combination (Photops TM).

PIN-005E-550F - uses low cost broad bandpass filter with peak transmission at 550nm to mimic the CIE curve for photometric applications. The pass band is similar to the CIE curve, but the actual slope of the spectral response curve is quite different. This device can also be used to block the near IR portion of the spectral range, 700 nm and above.

PIN-005D-254F- is a 6 mm2 active area, UV enhanced photodiode-filter combination which utilizes a narrow bandpass filter peaking at 254 nm.


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Silicon Detector-Filter Combination Series Detector-Filter Combination Series

Detector-Filter Combination Series


Detector-Filter Combination Series


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