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Tetra-lateral position sensing detectors are manufactured with one single resistive layer for both one and two dimensional measurements. They feature a common anode and two cathodes for one dimensional position sensing or four cathodes for two dimensional position sensing.

These detectors are best when used in applications that require measurement over a wide special range. They offer high response uniformity, low dark current, and good position linearity over 64% of the sensing area.

A reverse bias should be applied to these detectors to achieve optimum current linearity when large light signals are present. The circuit on the opposite page represents a typical circuit set up for two dimensional tetra-lateral PSDs.

For further details as well as the set up for one dimensional PSDs refer t the "Photodiode Characteristics" section of the catalogue. Note that the maximum recommended incident power density is 10 mW / cm2. Furthermore, typical uniformity of response for a 1 mm ? spot size is ± 5% for SC-25D and SC-50D and ± 2% for all other tetra-lateral devices.


Tetra Lateral PSDs

Tetra Lateral PSDs


Tetra Lateral PSDs

Silicon Tetra Lateral PSDs


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