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Polarization Optimised PMD Source - PMDPRO™

The PMDPro™ is a breakthrough PMD source that can deterministically generate precise 1st order PMD up to 180 ps and 2nd order PMD up to 8100  ps2. Its quasi-continuous operation mode enables independent generation of first order and wavelength independent second order PMD for uniform coverage of the PMD space. The PMDPro™ contains an automatic polarization controller and two polarimeters that monitor the state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) before and after the PMD generating elements. The polarization controller can be used with the front polarimeter to automatically align and maintain the input SOP at 45° from the principal axis of the DGD element to obtain the worst- case first order PMD effect. Alternatively, the controller can automatically adjust and maintain the input SOP using the feedback from the rear polarimeter to either minimize or maximize the output DOP for each PMD setting. Minimizing the output DOP enables testing of the worst-case total PMD effect, while maximizing the DOP turns the PMDPro™ into a PMD compensator, allowing the user to estimate the PMD values of an active fibre link and compare its performance with and without PMD compensation. The PMDPro™ can also perform PMD emulation by generating statistical PMD distributions. Finally, the polarization controller and polarimeters enable variable rate polarization scrambling and deterministic polarization control functions, including trace generation and polarization stabilization at any SOP. PMDPro™ makes your PMD related systems testing simple, fast and professional



Description PDL Source/Emulator - PDLPro™

High speed fibre optic transceivers, including those deploying coherent detection technology for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s data transmission, must meet stringent PDL tolerance specifications. In addition, the PDL tracking speed and response time of the PDL mitigation algorithm of a coherent detection receiver must be quantified. The PDLE-101 is specially designed for such PDL-related tests. This PDL source/emulator can generate individual PDL values between 0 dB and 20 dB, with a resolution of 0.1 dB for PDL tolerance testing. It can also generate variable PDL with user defined range, waveform, and speed for PDL tracking speed and recovery time tests. The instrument can be controlled via the front panel keypad or by remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB, or Ethernet interfaces. The residual PMD of the unit is less than 0.1 ps.

PDL Source Emulator Polarization Optimized PMD Source 

Polarization Optimised PMD Source - PMDPRO™


  • 1st & 2nd order PMD source  
  • 1st order PMD emulator  
  • Automatic polarization alignment
  • Polarization scrambling  
  • PMD compensation  
  • PMD determination for in-service fibre links
  • Rapid PMD switching: ~ 1 ms


Polarization Optimised PMD Source - PMDPRO™


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