SLED Diodes SLED Light Source

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Superluminescent Diode Light Source

The SLD-101S is a highly stable superluminescent light source designed specifically for OCT, sensor and test & measurement applications. During operation, both the current and temperature are accurately controlled for superb power and spectral stabilities. The output power and diode temperature are stabilized to 0.02dB and 0.05°C respectively. The light source has three operation modes: constant current, constant power, and modulated power. The modulation can be either external or internal, with different waveforms (sine or square) and different speeds (up to 100 kHz). One unique feature is that users can select either low or high degree of polarization (DOP) options for specific applications. Other user-selectable options include output fibre type (SM or PM), centre wavelength (from 750 nm to 1600 nm), spectral width (20 to 80 nm), and output power. Finally, the SLD-101S comes with USB, RS-232, Ethernet, and GPIB communication ports for easy, flexible interface with computers and other instruments. It is an ideal source for OCT, fibre sensors, fibre gyros, PM patch cord extinction ratio (ER) measurement, and general-purpose test and measurement.



Superluminescent Diode Light Source

Superluminescent Diode Light Source



Superluminescent Diode Light Source


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