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USB Powered Detectors

General Photonics is pleased to offer an industry first photodetector with USB output!

The new device, the PD USB, allows a detected optical signal to be directly input to a personal computer (PC) for further processing, with no need for expensive oscilloscopes, analogue cards, A/D cards, or GPIB hardware.  Designed specifically to be used in laboratory environments, the PD-USB comes complete with a photodetector, low noise amplifier, A/D converter, digital USB interface, LabVIEW driver, and software.  The software enables the display and analysis of optical signals in both the time (oscilloscope mode) and frequency (spectrum analyser mode) domains.  

The device also has a trigger port for synchronization with a trigger signal,and can display the output on a PC  screen, just like a digital oscilloscope.  For added  convenience, an analogue output port allows the detected signal to be displayed on an oscilloscope or a voltmeter.

Both the transimpedance gain and bandwidth can be adjusted with a rotary switch.  4 strong magnets allow the  PD-USB to be conveniently and securely fixed to an  optical table during an experiment.  Alternatively, it can be mounted on an optical post with a laboratory standard ¼-20 screw.  PD-USB makes your research easier with  the speed and convenience of USB.


USB Powered Detector


USB Powered Detector

USB Powered Detector


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