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About precession scanning

Precession scan heads allow scanning a laser beam across a work piece and, in addition, setting, at each point of the work piece, the incidence angle of the beam. For a drilling process, the incidence angle is also called the precession angle. When laser drilling a hole with high precision, the inclination of the internal hole surface, the so-called taper angle, can only be produced in a reliable and reproducible way if a precession scan head is used. Also the production of defined edge angles in laser cutting or laser micromachining requires the use of precession heads.

About the Precession Elephant and the Precession Elephant 2

The Precession Elephant scan heads are the world’s first and also the world’s most used laser scanning heads that use precession. The heads are designed for high-precision laser drilling, cutting and micromachining applications. They are used in 24/7 production facilities around the world.  

The Precession Elephant heads offer maximum flexibility for the production of innovative drill hole and edge geometries with different conicities, taper angles and shapes. The scan heads offer the highest drilling speed available today, and produce perfectly round, elliptical, and custom-shaped micro holes. The Precession Elephant 2 is available for ultraviolet, green, and two infrared wavelength ranges, each with two different focal lengths.

The Precession Elephant scan heads can be used with all major ultra-short pulsed laser sources available on the market today. In addition, the new Precession Elephant 2 allows the user to monitor the laser machining process and the laser beam properties during production. The new head also offers improved particle extraction, polarization control, beam attenuation control, and additional options designed for highest-quality mass production. The Precession Elephant 2 also offers several options that simplify the set-up of the scan head and minimize downtime for the end-user.

For the Precession Elephant heads, ARGES also offers

3D Model - Precession Elephant (zip STEP) Manual Scan head - Version all 3D Model - Precession Elephant 2 3D Model - Precession Elephant Flyer - Precession Elephant 2 Flyer - Precession Elephant Illustration-optical building blocks (SWF File) 

Precession Scan Heads

Elephant 1 & Elephant  2

Precession Scan Heads

Elephant 1 & Elephant 2


Precession Scan Head Video

Scan Head Video


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